Charlie Brown

For those who did not grow up with Charles M. Schulz cartoon strip “Peanuts”, the title is in reference to the only style shirt good ol’ Charlie Brown ever wore.

Charlie wasn’t too close to Quantum Physics in those days but I think his little sister Sally was pretty knowledgable about (or at least questioned) all things and would have commented, “Who cares?”

This print was created on Cetus2 using the “shadow purge.” No purge tower. But that is not the challenge with this design.

This was a design exercise for me with Autodesk Fusion 360. I wanted to design the zigzag on a sloping surface and maintain a smooth continuous pattern around the full circumference.

This requires a fair amount of boolean shape altering at the sub atomic level. That sounds difficult, right? Just kidding. F360 has the tools to do the design (obviously). One just has to master how to use them.

This photo below is generated by F360 and one can see it compares very well with the printed version.


Got the Picture?

Got the Picture?

When one has been actively involved with Hobby Class 3D printing for many years (for me, it is over five) there is not much mystery left. One knows what works and what doesn’t. Usually… but, the quantum entanglement co-existance and joint measurability through space-time are still a bit troubling…

It is much like the old hobby of film photography. Back in the days when every camera was manually configured for each exposure. There was a lot more finesse required than “point and shoot.”

Anyone could buy a film camera and “take pictures” but there were limited number of users that really understood their equipment and all the factors to create a great photograph. Ansel Adams comes to mind in the world  of high quality B&W landscape photography.