Another Dimension?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about plastic material three dimensional printing. How three dimensional printing compares to true craft work with conventional tools and materials. Primarily when the entire item created is 3D printed.

The frustration I feel is from my feelings about the low intrinsic value of the item produced totally in printed plastic. 


OMC works on UPS3

For some reason of which I am yet to discover, My Tiertime UP Studio V2 threw some error messages at me that went away before I could comprehend what they were saying. Something about registration of/or something. 

I have been using the program for over 5 years so I haven’t a clue what that was all about. This all happened on the MAC version. Haven’t checked WIN11 yet.


Why 0.40mm?

Quantum mechanics makes me look at things in new ways. A recent browse through current topics on 3D printing revealed some pundits are questioning how in FDM printers, did 0.40mm nozzle become so dominate with the 1.75mm filament.

I am not going to explore the reasons here. Best to say, for the typical size prints made by hobbyist, it is a very good choice. It works very well.

That is not saying it is the one and only good option. 


My Big Fat Bowl

Y’all gotta know I like to design and print bowls. All sizes and shapes. Not always round.

This time I saw this bowl on a “Modern Marvels” cable TV program about coin operated devices. This bowl was full to the top with pocket change. The bowl shape intrigued me and I decided immediately I had to design/make one… or two…

A heavy looking “Michelin Man” three ring FAT bowl.


All in One

One creative mindset I keep working to maintain with 3D printing is that objects I design do not have to be printed in one piece. It is fine when that happens to work. I keep reminding myself that it is not a requirement.

All my other crafts shout, “Some Assembly Required!” It’s no different with 3D printing. 

I am not obsessive with creating all-in-one designs. Like I say, just keep myself aware there are many good ways to create and design using assembly of components. 


Bowden Worm Hole

Just finished a lot of Print testing with my Anycubic Vyper Bowden tube FDM printer. As I suspected much of the pros and cons about bowden tube systems and retraction issues is pure misinformation or speculation.

Some of the “gospel” may have been true years ago when systems were built up from available tube ID materials. But I have proved to my own satisfaction most of todays machine are built for purpose with correct hardware.