The Quantum Domain

The smallest common denominator when reducing anything to the basic truth, resides in the Quantum Domain. Where nothing is as simple as it seems.

It’s why I can blame Quantum Mechanics when something goes wrong with one of my three dimensional prints. I know I probably overlooked a higher dimension. My reality becomes entangled.

I discovered my primary method of digital communication (email) sometimes seems to operate in a new dimension. Attracting very strange offerings from spooky creatures beyond an obvious 3 axis environment. Somewhere really “FAR OUT!

I created a new email organization I call ““. It’s not a website. It’s an email domain. I use it to communicate instantly, anywhere in the universe. It works for me.

Don’t get too alarmed if you see one of my emails from my favorite email domain. ~DK



Hear the beat of the drums. Bongo drums. I wonder if it is a bongo drum or because there are two it should be plural? I think its a Bongo drum because the male and female (That’s what they are called) drums are joined as one and sometimes just called Bongos.

If I made two sets, then I would have Bongo drums.

I have an adult son, Steven. He is a professional class percussionist and started playing about 45 years ago. He presently has a huge drum collection. I bet he doesn’t have a set of baby Bongos. 

So I designed this set in my CAD system and made this 3D printed version.

The male has a 60mm head and the female has an 80mm head. Both sections stand about 70mm high. It is not very big. The reason I call it a “baby” bongo.

The heads are PLA plastic and the tops are 0.5mm thick. It is actually not a bad drum head. The body is printed with ASA plastic, a Styrene. It is very tough and durable. Yes, the side tension rods are printed in place and not really functional.

Mostly for decoration and I am sure Steve will be able to create a rhythm with this set of Bongos.

Excuse my lack of musical talent. 🙂


Speed VS Quality

I recently ran a small test with one of my Cetus printers. Speed against quality. No doubt (again) that high speed and best quality do not hold hands. 

I am saying “best” quality. High speed and “acceptable” are friends, they get no where close to “best” quality.

Printing FDM at high speeds is much improved with the new hardware I have seen released in year 2022. But the results are still not in the best category. 


Another Dimension?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about plastic material three dimensional printing. How three dimensional printing compares to true craft work with conventional tools and materials. Primarily when the entire item created is 3D printed.

The frustration I feel is from my feelings about the low intrinsic value of the item produced totally in printed plastic. 


OMC works on UPS3

For some reason of which I am yet to discover, My Tiertime UP Studio V2 threw some error messages at me that went away before I could comprehend what they were saying. Something about registration of/or something. 

I have been using the program for over 5 years so I haven’t a clue what that was all about. This all happened on the MAC version. Haven’t checked WIN11 yet.


Why 0.40mm?

Quantum mechanics makes me look at things in new ways. A recent browse through current topics on 3D printing revealed some pundits are questioning how in FDM printers, did 0.40mm nozzle become so dominate with the 1.75mm filament.

I am not going to explore the reasons here. Best to say, for the typical size prints made by hobbyist, it is a very good choice. It works very well.

That is not saying it is the one and only good option.