Out Whaling

Out Whaling

Cetus is a word for a whale. Their logo is the tail of whale (I’ll tell ya’). The Cetus was a sea monster in Greek mythology which both Perseus and Heracles needed to slay. I have three small Cetus (Ceti?) but my newest whale is the Cetus2. Did I mention I received it for free in a contest?

Tiertime (the manufacturer) had a New Years Wish contest and asked for contribution they would judge. Turns out they liked mine the best, and sent me a free (pre-production) Cetus2.

I still have a production unit on order for delivery in May 2022. What I will do with two remains to be discovered. The new Cetus2 may have improvements over the one I am presently enjoying.

The lead picture is the PRIZE, the new Cetus2 with a few of the first prints I produced. I have made many more since then. Here are some recents:

The purple are the most recent. The Texas star on the pencil holder is a special ability feature of the Cetus2 Slicer software (UP Studio3) It’s like applying a “tattoo” graphic to any 3D print item. Both bowls are standard 2-color printing, but the ugly red and yellow with vertical stripes is much more demanding work for the printer.

I will have much more postings on the Cetus2. It is still in development and just got out of the Kickstarter promotion. So lots more to show on this whale…

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