Navel Contemplations

On Quantum Theory

The resin 3D printing systems definitely operate at the Quantum level. Ultra Violet light (wave or photons) impact the resin molecule and it permanently changes state from viscous liquid to a solid. If that isn’t Spooky, then what is?

There is also a “change of state” with filament in FDM 3D printing. A bit less “spooky” as we (as humans) are used to seeing things melt and freeze with temperature changes.

“Change of State” (Solid-Liquid-Gas) and sometimes (solid-gas) was considered a molecular event. But I think as we expand knowledge into the Quantum universe, we need to consider what deep secret actions are really in control. It’s all about energy levels.

Just sayin’ – Hey!  This is my second day on the job…

Now you see why we call ourselves “Quantum 3D Print” All that time watching the printers run, puts one in a deep trans-meditation state far deeper than contemplating our navels.

Aw, heck… Let’s just go print something!

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