Hear the beat of the drums. Bongo drums. I wonder if it is a bongo drum or because there are two it should be plural? I think its a Bongo drum because the male and female (That’s what they are called) drums are joined as one and sometimes just called Bongos.

If I made two sets, then I would have Bongo drums.

I have an adult son, Steven. He is a professional class percussionist and started playing about 45 years ago. He presently has a huge drum collection. I bet he doesn’t have a set of baby Bongos. 

So I designed this set in my CAD system and made this 3D printed version.

The male has a 60mm head and the female has an 80mm head. Both sections stand about 70mm high. It is not very big. The reason I call it a “baby” bongo.

The heads are PLA plastic and the tops are 0.5mm thick. It is actually not a bad drum head. The body is printed with ASA plastic, a Styrene. It is very tough and durable. Yes, the side tension rods are printed in place and not really functional.

Mostly for decoration and I am sure Steve will be able to create a rhythm with this set of Bongos.

Excuse my lack of musical talent. 🙂

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