Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality

When photographing Quantum Level printing, sometimes distortion is introduced into the image. This isn’t Quantum Level photography so this distortion is due to the wide angle lens of my cell phone camera.

This is a fun little project. I designed it to hold a few small green plastic floss-picks used for teeth cleaning. It’s 40mm wide by 60mm tall. Walls are 4mm thick overall. The red insets are quite thin as you can see they do not penetrate to the interior.

The bottom section is tapered a few degrees and the top section is vertical. The lens makes the left and front edge look straight whilst the right side is closer to angular reality. Quantum view mechanics does that… I think.

I like the board pattern I designed into the red insets. Note to self to design detail like that more often.

For those folks who are concerned, the purge tower material cost is 25 cents. I also printed this no tower (shown below), shadow purge version. It uses the wall for a purge. Looks like it was antique-painted and the paint is flaking. 

No Purge Tower

This thin wall print is too small to be a good candidate for shadow purge unless this effect is desired. 

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