Eye Glasses Dock

Eye Glasses Dock

My spouse has about ten pairs of “readers” scattered around the house. She only uses them to read, so they are mostly just on a table or counter close to where she uses them. 

Not having a designated place (to be placed) they often get buried (meaning lost) in plain sight. Even though her general eyesight is fine. You know what I am “getting at.” Ha! I think that is a common human experience.

Some folks put their “readers” on a chain around their neck. But it doesn’t work like that around here. It does look a bit weirdo, and the glasses bump into things when leaning forward.

I designed the “Glasses Dock” box to help with this problem. Not actually a case as it has no top or lid. A brightly colored box into which she can deposit her “reading glasses” when not needed. 

The example shown on the printer uses the feature of a two color single nozzle extruder. Colors here are white and purple. But when fed together at any ratio (here 50/50) they do not mix. They exit the nozzle as side by side stripes. Any mixing occurs after extrusion. Like an artist painter smearing oil colors together on his palette. Nozzle movement does the blending.

So you see everything to the left is white whilst everything to the right is purple. I love this color effect. 

The white color comes in from the left spool and feeds the left side of the nozzle. The purple is just the opposite.

I have printed some bright solid single color boxes as well. But my favorites are the ones I print by mixing colors with a single nozzle extruder.

It’s a color blend feature I like to exploit within my two color designs whenever I can.

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