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Quantum Junque?

A little history

Haven’t been playing with Quantum physics for any length of time. But I have thought about it for probably decades. I don’t know if that counts for anything. Probably not. 

So I just invented using quantum physics as a new source of inspiration for things happening when doing 3D printing. There are many quirks and possibly a few quarks when developing science skills involved in 3D printing. 

The budget is pretty low in my physics department so I operate at the hobby enthusiast level. Hardware expenses are easier with hobby grade tools. Most of the budget is slated for consumable building materials such as resins and filaments. That’s about $3500.00 just for materials.

I estimate at least 140 kilograms of filament have been consumed up to this point. Probably more. That’s over 300 pounds! Resin is around 10 additional kilograms consumed.

Just bear with me as I occasionally pause for some quantum level snickering at a few new 3D printing folks claiming mastery of the 3D printing process while on their second spool.

We started 3D printing way back in June 2016 with an Alunar Prusa I3 FDM (plastic filament) printer. Found out it wasn’t capable of printing round circles. Probably a software adjustment in the firmware, but had no supporting information on how to make that correction. 

Since then there have been 10 more 3D printers in the lab, two that are the resin MSLA/DLP type. There are 7 FDM printers and one MSLA printer at the RTR (ready to run) condition of readiness. It not unusual to have 3 to 4 running at the same time.

My newest (CETUS2) 3D Printer

I consider almost all the items I print as plastic Junque. That’s junk spelled in a high-society way. In the final results of my judgement of what I create with 3D printing, it is still plastic.

Plastic has it place but I don’t kid myself that it ranks up there with fine furniture making, lost wax silver casting, or other quality and durable goods hobby/crafts. 

My enjoyment is doing the design and invention (CAD/CAM) and seeing the quick results produced in plastic. It’s the fast track to creating a tangible items. 

Some things SHOULD be made from plastic. It’s just my thought that 3D plastic is not the equal to conventional manufacturing for enduring heirloom craftwork.

I have the shop tools and skills to do real metal craft and woodworking mentioned when I want that kind of result. 

This is just my opinion and I have no interest in making it anyone else’s. 

I choose to Jazz my hobby up a bit with mixing in a bit of Quantum mechanics. Just to keep my Junque interesting at the most basic level… Ha! So… Is plastic Junque just slow energy?

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