OMC works on UPS3

For some reason of which I am yet to discover, My Tiertime UP Studio V2 threw some error messages at me that went away before I could comprehend what they were saying. Something about registration of/or something. 

I have been using the program for over 5 years so I haven’t a clue what that was all about. This all happened on the MAC version. Haven’t checked WIN11 yet.


My Big Fat Bowl

Y’all gotta know I like to design and print bowls. All sizes and shapes. Not always round.

This time I saw this bowl on a “Modern Marvels” cable TV program about coin operated devices. This bowl was full to the top with pocket change. The bowl shape intrigued me and I decided immediately I had to design/make one… or two…

A heavy looking “Michelin Man” three ring FAT bowl.


All in One

One creative mindset I keep working to maintain with 3D printing is that objects I design do not have to be printed in one piece. It is fine when that happens to work. I keep reminding myself that it is not a requirement.

All my other crafts shout, “Some Assembly Required!” It’s no different with 3D printing. 

I am not obsessive with creating all-in-one designs. Like I say, just keep myself aware there are many good ways to create and design using assembly of components. 

Activity Cetus2

Tripple Play

Running three identical prints on three different printers all at the same time. That’s gotta be what’s called, “Doin’ 3D printing!”  Ha!

Little Mama Cetus (original size Cetus I), Cetus2 (2 color much larger), and Anycubic Vyper (conventional FDM).

The print file is an original KautzCraft I call “ripple”. It is a 100mm round bowl with angular ridges on sides that have a small “ripple” wave on the larger ridges. Just a nice little design effect.


ASA is not Film Speed

My current FDM plastic of choice is called ASA. Short for Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate. A bit of a mouthful so using ASA is good!

This is not an EXCLUSIVE choice. I switch often between ASA, ABS, PETG, PLA, PLA+, TPU, TPU+, wood filled PLA, and certainly several others.

Almost the same number of UV resin types as well.

ASA was created as a more UV resistant plastic product than ABS plastic, one of the first used materials for FDM 3D printing. ABS is the stuff from which Leggo’s are created.

The Butadiene rubber in ABS was exchanged for Acrylate rubber. Not only did this make ASA UV resistant, but it improved most all of the durability characteristics. A better printing product than ABS overall.


Candy Dish

This may look like an empty candy dish. But that is because it is a candy dish. The reality is that it is full of something. Candy is expected, but at the Quantum Level things are not always how they appear.

This dish was printed at the standard human level of perception and expectation. That’s the only practical way judging what is in the dish.

My reality tells me I need to add some sweets.

The material used in this print is Shiney Silk PLA named Coffee Gold made by DO3D.

I saw a glass version of this dish and it reminded me of the candy dishes I remember as a kid.

I drew this up in a similar style. No having a practical way of printing real glass, I wanted something smooth and shiney as possible from FDM type printing.

Layer height is 0.15mm for both the lid and the bottom.