Snapmaker J1


I really have a workhorse 3D printer in my Snapmaker J1s. It’s an independent dual extruder FDM printer with a build area of 210x324x200 mm. Extruder temp range is up to 300 C and the bed is good to 100 C. That provides the ability to print a wide range of materials. As you can see in the picture, it is also totally enclosed. 


Speed Phreaks

I have figured out what is going on with the marketing of speed with 3D printers.

The issue with the marketing departments is they cannot sell intangibles in their marketing efforts. A quality print output is a perception by human judgement. In the world of 3D printing, there are far too many variables that will affect both produced and perceived output quality.



Print Speeds

There is a marketing war with 3D FDM printer makers of who can advertise the fastest printing machine.  Within the last year, the brag print speed has moved from 100 mm/s, to 300mm/s, and now to 600 mm/s.

Acceleration has leaped from 1,000 mm/s^2 to 20,000 mm/s^2

There are practical and physical limits on how fast hot melted plastic can flow from a pin-hole size orifice and be deposited in multi-layer, super thin layers. At the same time producing the highest quality practical printed item.

Activity Cetus2 Snapmaker J1


Been cranking hard printing on my two newest 2 filament printers. The Snapmaker J1 and the Cetus2. Best of both flavors, IDEX and single nozzle.

Neither, do I consider perfect a printer. Once I learned their individual weaknesses and work with their strengths, it has been all production and fun. Use them properly and 2 color FDM prints are very nice. 

Snapmaker J1

The Real Story of SMJ1

The Snapmaker J1 is not a perfect IDEX 3D printer, but it is a very good one. That’s my personal opinion.

Online and FaceBook user forums are available and have a lot of interesting threads (stories) of user experience. But forums are not a good place to seek service or repairs when something goes wrong. Highly experienced people like myself soon tire of the rhetoric and misunderstanding of the hardware functions, and limited understanding is clearly displayed in most non-qualified user postings.


The Quantum Domain

The smallest common denominator when reducing anything to the basic truth, resides in the Quantum Domain. Where nothing is as simple as it seems.

It’s why I can blame Quantum Mechanics when something goes wrong with one of my three dimensional prints. I know I probably overlooked a higher dimension. My reality becomes entangled.

I discovered my primary method of digital communication (email) sometimes seems to operate in a new dimension. Attracting very strange offerings from spooky creatures beyond an obvious 3 axis environment. Somewhere really “FAR OUT!

I created a new email organization I call ““. It’s not a website. It’s an email domain. I use it to communicate instantly, anywhere in the universe. It works for me.

Don’t get too alarmed if you see one of my emails from my favorite email domain. ~DK